1.05 Mascolo 1633

Giovanni Battista Mascolo, De incendio Vesuvii, Naples 1633

Be 4015-2330 raro III

This work by Giovan Battista Mascolo (1582 or 1583-1656), a Jesuit active in Naples in the first half of the seventeenth century, is a treatise in Latin on the eruption of Vesuvius on 16 December 1631, and is dedicated to the bishop of Tricarico Pier Luigi Carafa (1581-1655). The text is divided into ten books (pp. 1-312), and not only describes the effects produced by the force of the nature and the reactions of the Neapolitan citizens, but also explores the causes at the origin of the eruption and its possible consequences. The treatise is then followed by a historical review of the Vesuvian eruptions of previous centuries (pp. 1-28) and the ephemerides of the last eruption (pp. 29-37). The copy in the Bibliotheca Hertziana is without the two engravings placed at the end of the treatise depicting Vesuvius before and after the eruption, similar to those by Nicolas Perrey contained in the Trattato about the same eruption by Gianbernardino Giuliani (on display in this same section). [AM]

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