1.10 Giannettasio 1696

Nicola Partenio Giannettasio, Aestates Surrentinae, Naples 1696

Be 4015-2960 raro II

This is the first of three tomes on the seasons: Aestates, Autumni, Ver. Dedicated to the Archbishop of Taranto, Francesco Pignatelli, the volume is divided into three books of eight chapters. The narration of the work is preceded by three unnumbered papers, containing the dedication, the concession for the printing of the book, an eulogy to Giannettasio, and the request to print the work. The Jesuit, who was a poet and historian, records his otia between Amalfi and Sorrento, from July to October. The work, in Latin, is clearly literary, as can be seen from the numerous poems (including three on Vesuvian themes on pp. 118-119, 205-211, 252-261), and the frequent convivial excursus; however, there are also sections of documentary value. Among these are: the last chapter of Book I (pp. 77-93), which describes the 1694 Vesuvian eruption, with reference to those of 1680 and 1685; the fourth chapter of Book II (pp. 130-145), which describes the 1694 earthquake, with a brief list of previous earthquakes. The penultimate chapter of Book III is a soteria, a poem for the return to health of the Duke of Medina Luis Francisco, dedicated to Archbishop Cantelmo and centred on the miracle of San Gennaro. [AP]

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