2.10 Guida de’ forestieri per Pozzuoli 1801

Guida de’ forestieri per Pozzuoli, Baia, Cuma e Miseno […] edizione nuovissima corretta con diligenza ed arricchita di molte note, Naples 1801

Be 4018-2970/h raro II

Published at the expense and hands of the publisher Nunzio Rossi, the volume constitutes the latest edition of the guide to Pozzuoli by Pompeo Sarnelli, updated in light of new knowledge and recent discoveries of antique finds. Indeed, the text starts from that of Sarnelli, amended, however, “with some well intended corrective and explanatory notations” (pp. VI-VIII).

The route follows the now standardized itinerary, lingers on the therapeutic virtues of thermal waters and contains interesting information on the architecture and antiquities of the area. In the last part of the volume there are two pages of practical recommendations for thermal baths (pp. 149-150), the treatise De balneis Puteolorum attributed to Alcadino of Syracuse (pp. 151-180), and the one on the baths of Ischia by Giulio Cesare Capaccio (pp. 196ff.). The engravings accompanying the text also derive from those already present in the oldest guides – in particular those by Antonio Bulifon for the editions of Sarnelli’s Guida printed in 1697 and 1702 – but they are often translated in a more simplified way, with the repetition of some visual topoi and references to genre painting. [ES]

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