5.03 Album 1835/1900

Album Naples, between 1835 and 1900

E-NAP 12-4350 raro V

The album bears the English title “Naples” on the cover, from which it can be concluded that the 13 sheets with motifs of Naples and Pompeii were compiled by an English-speaking traveler. Only the four color prints of Pompeii are marked with references to the artist Giuseppe Abbate, the lithographer Gaetano Riccio and the publisher A. Calì. The view of Naples with a view of the smoking Vesuvius is a gouache, as were sold in series on the spot. The album contains not only views, but also genre depictions: The figure of a dancing man embodying the ‘Tarantella Napoletana’, as well as that of a one-horse carriage loaded with numerous people of different ages and status. This group seems to represent the people of Naples, to which the smoking Vesuvius is assigned as the sole and iconic motif. [PH]

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