6.04 Humboldt 1864

Alexander von Humboldt, Volcans des Cordillères de Quito et du Mexique, pour servir aux œuvres de Humboldt et spécialment aux Mélanges de géologie et de physique générale, Paris 1864

Zs-HUM 737-4640 raro IV

This volume plays a central role in the divulgation of Alexander von Humboldt’s (1769-1859) extensive research on the subject. It is the second edition of the illustrated atlas of the Mélanges de géologie et de physique générale, the French translation (1854) of his Geognostischen und Physikalischen Erinnerungen mit Umrissen von Vulkanen aus den Cordilleren von Quito und Mexico (Geognostic and Physical Memoirs with outlines of volcanoes from the Cordilleras of Quito and Mexico) published in 1853, which in turn are based on the “Atlas pittoresque. Vues des Cordillères, et monumens des peuples de l’Amérique. Planches” published in 1810 in Paris. In the latter work, the views drawn by Wilhelm Friedrich Gmelin (1760-1820) based on Humboldt’s own sketches and engraved by Friedrich Arnold are published for the first time, here in reproductions by Edmond Lebel. Humboldt travelled extensively through Central and South America between 1799 and 1804 and published comprehensive research on geology, natural history, meteorology and geography. The texts printed here form a synthesis of this research and reflect the range of his scientific interests, which also include anthropological aspects, such as the cultural reception of what was presented by the indigenous population. In addition to the highly stylised views, the work also includes cartographic representations and a schematic comparison of the contour lines of the Himalayas, Andes and Alps. [GM]

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