4.08 Salvadori 1823

Notizen über den Vesuv und dessen Eruption v. 22. Oct. 1822. Gesammelt Von Dr. Joh. Bapt. Salvadori, verdeutscht durch C. F. C. H, Naples 1823

Be 4015-4231 raro IV

Despite the fact that the work is listed under the Italian title “Notizie sopra il Vesuvio e l’eruzione dell’ottobre 1822” in the Bibliographie géologique 1881, p. 258 and in Furchheim 1897, p. 166, no print seems to exist. Rather, one has the impression that this publication only appeared in German and that the introduction was written by Christian Friedrich Haller, who is mentioned as the translator and who was in Naples as an employee of the banker Rothschild. Haller stresses the importance of his main source, the official letters of the ‘valiant and sympathetic Syndicus’ of Torre del Greco to the Prince of Ottajano and Royal Intendant of the Province of Naples, cited as a particularly reliable source. In the letters dated between October 22 and November 12, 1822, the mayor describes the behaviour of the volcano, the corollary phenomena, the flooding caused by the rains and the consequences for the population. In a note, another eyewitness is mentioned. This is followed by the impressive account of a clergyman in the Austrian army who, on a ‘pleasure trip’, was surprised by the ash rain near Persano on 23 October. Finally, Haller underlines the similarity with the eruption of 79 described by Pliny and adds the analysis of the ashes as well as the translation of the caption of the “map of the mouth and crater”. The book is illustrated with 3 plates (see a complete copy in Zurich), of which have been removed in the Bibliotheca Hertziana copy. [PH]

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